Healthcare marketing 2024: How to embrace the future of patient engagement

The secret of selling is no secret at all. In fact, it’s simple: ease your customer’s pain.

In the healthcare sector, alleviating pain of a more literal kind is likely to be your product or service’s ultimate goal. Congratulations. It’s a laudable ambition.

But even though patient care is at the heart of everything you do, you’re probably making one important mistake. As specialists in healthcare marketing, it’s something we notice time and again in our clients: you’re so intent on making a noise about what you want to say that you’ve forgotten the patient.

And if you’re selling into the NHS, it’s vital that your messaging reflects the NHS’s values and priorities. The days of procurement being simply about right product, right price, are over. It’s time to prove you care.

The healthcare landscape is evolving so rapidly, your marketing strategy must adapt to keep pace with patients’ shifting needs and expectations.

The future of healthcare marketing is about putting patients first, using technology to create personalised and engaging experiences, and leveraging data to drive informed decision-making.

Tap into the key trends shaping the future of healthcare marketing

  • Patient-centricity: Patients are increasingly demanding more personalised and engaging healthcare experiences. Put in the work to really understand (not guess at) patient needs, preferences and concerns at every touchpoint.

Take a look at how Remedy Healthcare Solutions crystallised their clinician-led, people-first culture.

  • Digital transformation: Technology is providing new opportunities to engage with patients and deliver care. How could you better embrace digital platforms, including telehealth, patient portals and social media, to reach and connect with patients effectively?

Read about Tunstall’s innovation mindset – and how we continue to tell their evolving story.

  • Data-driven marketing: Data enables marketers to gain insights into patient behaviour, preferences and outcomes. Use data-driven marketing techniques to personalise your messaging, target your campaigns more effectively, and measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Discover how data has shaped Log My Care’s successful digital marketing campaign.

Keep pace with emerging technologies in healthcare marketing

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): AI is being used to develop chatbots that can answer patient questions, provide personalised recommendations, and even diagnose certain medical conditions.
  • Virtual reality (VR): VR is being used to create immersive training experiences for healthcare professionals and to provide distraction therapy for patients undergoing painful procedures.
  • Augmented reality (AR): AR is being used to overlay medical information onto real-world images, helping surgeons perform procedures with greater precision.
  • Wearable technology: Wearable devices are being used to collect patient data, track health metrics, and provide personalised feedback.

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