Our Pitching Policy

We understand that pitches are often the most appropriate method for you to find the best agency fit for your business.

At Wrapped, we never do anything by halves, and when we are asked to pitch for a project we put our heart and soul into researching and creating a unique, relevant proposal for your business. As a result, we combine hours of work from our researchers, specialists and client service teams to deliver a pitch that we hope will make you excited to work with us.

These hours of work, and years of experience mean that we will only pitch for projects with budgets over £7,500.

We ask that if you are considering asking us to pitch, please be transparent about how many agencies are also responding to the pitch, alongside any scoring system that you may be using.

We receive many pitch enquiries and we need to be able to weigh up the opportunity against the amount of resource, care and attention that we put into producing a winning pitch.