Smart digital marketing for an ROI transformation

Log my Care


  • Digital audit
  • Research & insights
  • Business outcomes & goals workshop
  • Digital workshops
  • Digital strategy


  • Campaign ideas
  • Campaign copy
  • Campaign design
  • Motion design


  • Planning
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Display
  • Paid social
  • Re- targeting
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"Thank you for helping us launch and improve our digital journey. We've learned so much and the improvements you've made to our digital performance has been phenomenal."

Raising conversions while improving efficiency

With the current initiative to digitise 80% of the social care sector in 2024, Log my Care’s simple and intuitive digital care management platform is a product whose time has come.

The business was already running PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads with a different agency. We stepped in to win more conversions, with a leaner, more carefully targeted approach and much better ROI.

Unearthing the opportunities

Our partnership started with GetWrapped™ workshops to help us define, design and deliver the routes to success. With a detailed understanding of key audience motivations and barriers, we were all clear about the way forward.

Then started an in-depth analysis of Log my Care’s current campaign setup.

It unveiled a whole host of potential areas for improvement, including an overreliance on brand traffic, a campaign structure without personalisation or segment relevance, neglecting opportunities for Bing users, under-optimised discovery keywords, little remarketing activity and a poor landing page experience.

Using relevance to power campaigns

We restructured the Google Ads account, grouping terms into keyword themes, as well as discovering opportunities to cast the net wider, using fresh search terms.

We paused brand search activity and monitored the results closely.

Our predictions were justified: other channels (organic and direct search) picked up this traffic. The ad spend we saved gave us the freedom to focus our effort – and budget – on growing discovery searches (non-brand activity) and reaching new targets.

Igniting user experience

With the CTR (click through rate) vastly improved thanks to our engaging ad copy, we moved our focus to conversions; creating bespoke, pin-sharp PPC landing pages, curating the content to clearly suit each search term and the audience needs behind them.

Launching display and video remarketing played a blinder, particularly for those who were clearly at the start of their digital care journey. Overall, these ads drove 53 view-through conversions, accounting for almost 20% of total Google PPC conversions.

A set of illustrations, one on a mobile, promoting the Log My Care App. The illustrations show a person using the app.

Testing every step of the way

We were confident we could coax more out of Bing. With ROI on our minds, we swooped in to take advantage of its lower costs, which would automatically give us a lower cost per acquisition (CPA). With testing and discovery, we managed to increase discovery conversions by 185%, reduce the discovery CPA on Bing by 59% and lower the average CPC by 41%.

Once conversion volume had picked up on the new campaigns, we slowly added CPA targets, testing how far we could drop the CPC, using a variety of tactics. We trialled different campaigns, landing pages, content and keywords, including top of funnel innovations.

Smashing the KPIs

reduction in cost per click
- 0 %
reduction in wasted media spend
- 0 %
account sign ups in 9 months against target of 260 in 12 months

The initial objective was to achieve 260 account signups in the first year. We delivered 350 in just nine months.

Pausing the ineffective brand campaigns and clawing back 22% of our client’s media spend, we picked up all the previous PPC conversions through organic search, securing the same enquiries for free while building on that bottom line with incremental paid search conversions from valid discovery searches.

The whole campaign became more efficient, and with the focus on reaching new customers, instead of wasting ad spend on people already familiar with Log my Care, the leads came in thick and fast.