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We strategically and creatively grow businesses by looking at the bigger picture and – let’s be honest – by being less dull. Because although we love a spreadsheet, life is about people. Funny, messy, unpredictable, grumpy, loving, bold … people.

And we help you connect with your people – your clients, potential clients, customers and employees. Through defining: getting under the skin of your business through consultation, insights, consumer behaviour, brand and digital strategy. By design: bold, creative interpretation for engagement that stands out a mile. And in delivery: results, analysis and evolution that grows with your business and your customers.

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Brand experience that opens doors

A team of talent, all under one roof

Individual skills, wrapped into a united way of working

We’ve been doing this a while. More than 30 years, in fact. So we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Sometimes by making mistakes. Sometimes by borrowing from the best. Always through thinking, understanding, researching, experimenting and refining. Our resulting approach is our own, created by our experience of getting results.

The Wrapped Approach™


Goals in mind, we’ll start with research, behaviour insight and competitor analysis. We’ll plunge into a deep-dive brand and digital workshop session to discover your purpose, proposition and place within the market.

We’ll use our Wrapped journey mapping process to find out what matters most to your clients and how we reach them.

From this we can create your brand and digital strategies, tone of voice and messaging.


Armed with a deep understanding of your audiences, our team of creatives interpret the findings to design unique brand identities, a look and feel that excites and engages on all platforms – and show-stopping campaigns.

Our journalists and copywriters create content plans, narratives and messages that hit the mark … first time.

Everything looking fabulous, it’s now time to start showcasing it to the world.


All those specialists work alongside you to create results-driven solutions.

Our digital marketers wrangle SEO, PPC, paid media, social media, email marketing and more to hit targets and objectives – and deliver growth. Writers craft ads, articles, books and reports, while our creatives roll out the brand and marketing assets you need.

We analyse daily; testing and adapting to stay ahead of the game.

Wrapped Consultancy

The senior members of our team have years of experience under their belts. As well as sitting on advisory panels shaping the future of marketing, they mentor people from graduates to seasoned professionals, from individuals to whole businesses, and also consult in business growth, planning and personal goal planning.

Attitude is everything

Celebrating the inspirational people we work with.

Who knew that free thinking could be so fun? Well, we did actually and that’s why we got these game changers together for our brand new Wrapped book.

Creative thinkers and game-changers write their own rules and carve their paths. But we wanted to know how each of them did it in their own unique way, what do they have in common with each other and what inspires them?

Now, we can’t wait to share the result, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the three-day event, which saw us putting together podcasts, photographs, interviews and lots of lols – all captured perfectly by Know Film and DCimaging.

Take a look.

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