Igniting growth for a fresh healthcare service

Oxona Healthcare


  • Audit
  • Research & insights
  • Goal setting
  • Brand, digital & comms workshops
  • Brand positioning & architecture
  • Digital strategy
  • Website UX
  • Brand bible


  • Brand re-fresh
  • Brand look & feel
  • Design & artwork roll out
  • Motion design
  • Video
  • Photography & direction
  • Copywriting
  • Digital & website design


  • Planning
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Display
  • Paid social
  • Re- targeting
  • Blogs

“Wrapped has helped us to completely rebrand. With no in-house marketing team, we looked to Wrapped for a full service. Wrapped listened to our brief, and with much work from the design team, has re-launched our brand with a new website, assets and a brand bible, to help us move forward.”

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*In the two months following new website launch

Harnessing potential

The Oxona team knows that their business model – private GP specialist clinics that bridge the gap between traditional GPs and consultant-led care – has huge potential. To act as a springboard on the growth path to more clinics, in more locations, with more specialisms, we worked together through the full GetWrapped™ process.

Laying the foundations with branding

Getting stuck in around the workshop table combined insight with goals, eventually culminating in a new name, new brand and clarified vision, values, behaviours and more. Our work was informed entirely by our client’s key target audiences, working back from their pain points, motivations and the trigger that would prompt them to enquire with Oxona. We used our user journey mapping process to identify these audiences and really understand how they interact with a business like Oxona.

The crux of Oxona’s success lay in the new brand architecture we developed. It provides clarity to customers, who can see which part of the offer is right for their needs – straight away. It also demystifies future planning for the leadership team at Oxona, allowing them to develop and add new services, specialisms and locations with ease. And our customer journey insights provided the blueprint for a newly-designed website that empowers people to make their own healthcare choices.

Spreading the word with digital marketing

Our digital audit pinpoints Oxona’s place in the market, highlighting the available opportunity. Alongside this, our audience insights reveal where Oxona’s potential customers are online, what they’re talking about and how they’re behaving.

Created from these and other foundation work, including extensive keyword research and social listening around women’s health, the digital strategy pulls all the information together into a hyper-focused map of how to get the right messages to the right people in the right way on the right platform. And it’s not all about selling. To secure the best results, we’ve supported our lead generation activity with content marketing assets, such as videos to connect with women at different stages of their health journey.

Results to date are very encouraging, with conversions up 456.8% year on year during the first half of 2023.