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Brand positioning is the foundation of any successful brand. It reflect everything you represent and showcases your products, services and brand to your audience distinguishing you in the crowded marketplace.

Brand positioning is key to helping consumers understand why they should pick your brand over others. It has the ability to connect with consumers, shaping their perception, driving loyalty, and influencing their buying behavior.

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Our brand services

Are your business objectives the same as they were three, five, ten years ago? Are you sure your leadership team all have the same vision of the future?

Setting – or refreshing – your objectives and vision is the first thing we tackle. And it’s the most inspiring, galvanising element of our work too. Thinking vision means thinking big. And our job is to help you get there.

All the work to create your brand isn’t much use without a strategy to tell the world about it, building all the hard-to-define and tricky-to-measure things like awareness, loyalty and equity. We’re here to define what makes you special – and tell the right people about it.

Businesses often grow organically or diversify into multiple areas by design. But are your audiences – especially your employees and customers – clear about how your organisation works and what you do? We’ll clarify your offer, unifying all the different strands and giving you a structure that will support your goals.

From competitor messaging to market analysis, our researchers and analysts will define your place in your sector – or pinpoint a less crowded corner to play in.

Knowing who you are, what you stand for and who you’re talking to is an incredibly powerful way of focusing your team’s minds on what really matters, and as a brand positioning agency, we can help you do just that.

If you’re confused about the difference between purpose, proposition and promise, you’re not alone. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter, so long as you know what you stand for, what you bring to the table, and what your customers can expect from you.

And we’re here to get you what you need: a short, jargon-free, clear-thinking framework to inspire and unify the whole business.

What do you stand for, as an organisation? What can your customers expect from you? And does everyone, from the oldest hand to the newest recruit, know exactly how to play their part in that? Defining your values – and spelling out what that looks like in people’s roles – is one of the most valuable internal pieces of work you can do.


A legitimate business purpose will create profit for your business. Download our free guide to find out how. Can you afford to ignore the conscience of today’s corporate consumer?

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