Building a better future for Wakefield district by creating opportunities together

Prosper Wakefield

A set of documents for Prosper Wakefield. Including letter heads, business cards and compliment slips on a red table.
Three purple brochures laid out on a white desk, accompanied by a notebook and pencil, black coffee, desk plant and a laptop.
Three bright and colourful framed posters on a grey concrete wall with graffiti. Poster one: is purple and reads 'creating opportunities' A circular image of two women smiling. Poster 2: is orange and reads 'helping wakefield to flourish' it has a circular image of a small child being passed some food. Poster 3: is a light blue and reads 'making wakefield better for our people' and has a circular image of an elderly woman reading a book and younger woman leaning over smiling. Poster one reads; Creating opportunities. The background i