Hands-on support for council’s internal behaviour change

Leeds City Council


  • Research and insights 
  • Brand, digital and comms workshops
  • Comms campaign plan


  • Campaign identity
  • Campaign look and feel
  • Design and artwork rollout


the number of employees targeted in the campaign
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Once complete, this will be rolled out to the people of Leeds

Improving health from workplace to weekend

With hand-washing no longer the hot topic it was at the height of the pandemic, Leeds City Council wants to push it back up the health agenda.

Keeping workplaces clean and safe means that the council’s 14,000 employees can do their jobs properly and not be off sick – as well as enjoying their days off in good health.

Leading with insight

Extensive research, including social listening, focus groups and an electronic survey gave us an up-to-date picture of how people feel about – and what they know about – hand washing in these post-pandemic days.

These insights underpinned our communication strategy, messaging and creative campaign designs, and once the Leeds team had selected their preferred creative route, we delivered the materials together in a campaign rollout, with a plan recommending how, where and when to circulate them.

Creating a healthier, happier city

The council is using our campaign internally first, with plans to roll it out across Leeds once there’s enough proof of success. The thinking behind the approach is to lead by example, showing rather than telling people how to be healthier.

Improving health and wellbeing

“The work you did with Health Protection looks fab – I always admire it whilst washing my hands thinking what a great campaign it is!!!”