Sparking behaviour
change through insights

City of York Council


  • Research and insights
    – focus groups, questionnaire
  • Tone of voice and key
    messaging framework
  • Comms campaign plan


  • Campaign identity
  • Campaign look and feel
  • Design and artwork rollout
  • Motion design
  • Infographics
  • Copywriting
  • Digital asset design
  • Campaign video
    (with VoiceOver)
  • Radio advert script


  • Paid media planning
  • Display
  • YouTube ads
  • Paid social
  • Re-targeting
  • Print advertising (media buying)
  • Radio advertising (media buying)
  • Digital publishing advertising
    (media buying)


engagement rate for online elements (average for comparable campaigns 2%)
0 %
Advertising space secured in top publications and channels like YO1 Radio, YorkPress and Mumbler
unique users reached via YouTube ads within a month. Average cost per view only £0.009.

Clearing the air - and saving lives

City of York Council (CYC) is on a mission to clear the air – raising awareness of the dangers of burning wood and other solid fuels in the home. It wants to change people’s perception of and attitude to solid fuel burning, which causes air pollution both inside and outside the home, leading to significant health problems and even deaths.

Small particles creating a big problem

With funding from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), the council invited proposals for a winter-long public health campaign. The aim of the ongoing project is to educate residents about tiny, harmful particles in smoke, highlighting healthier ways of heating homes and the safest ways to burn solid fuel at home. Our creative ideas and audience-focused approach won us the job.

Listening and learning from residents

With the country in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, as well as sensitivity around attitudes towards air pollution and environmental topics, we started with deep listening and research. Using various digital channels, we vigorously promoted an online survey, open to all residents.

And, mindful of issues around digital literacy and inclusion, we also took focus groups to the heart of diverse local communities, inviting and then selecting participants carefully to make sure all voices were heard.

Educating to spark change and advocacy

After analysing these insights in collaboration with the council’s own team, we created a choice of creative routes that answered our findings that the campaign should be friendly yet pull no punches, with clear, authentic data.
Our CYC clients opted for an approach with the slogan Fuel for Thought, and we rolled out a suite of high quality campaign materials across a wide range of media, including print, digital, social, radio and video.

Mid-campaign stats suggest excellent results

The campaign is ongoing and will be completed with another round of listening to gauge impact. Of the work so far, CYC’s senior communications manager for the Place directorate, Debbie Manson, said:
“Wrapped were collaborative and sensitive in their approach to addressing fuel burning habits in and around York. They took the time to engage with different communities across the city to understand the best way to talk to them about better ways to heat their homes. It was great to see research and audience consultation feed into the creative campaign that Wrapped produced for us … and even better once the brief was fulfilled and Wrapped stepped in to market the campaign to drive results. So far, engagement metrics are high and continuing to increase – and we look forward to seeing the final results.”