Raising a school profile – and pupil numbers

Bootham School


  • Audit
  • Workshops
  • Digital strategy
  • Profiling
  • User journey mapping
  • Website UX


  • Brand re-fresh
  • Brand look & feel
  • Campaign ideas
  • Campaign creation
  • Motion design
  • Video & direction
  • Photography & direction
  • Copywriting
  • Digital & website design


  • Planning
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Display
  • Paid social
  • Re- targetting
increase in PPC lead generation
0 %
more users
0 %
increase in new users
0 %
increase in sessions
0 %
more traffic in paid social brand awareness
0 %
increase conversion rate
0 %
*All figures year on year

Marketing that matches the ethos

As a Quaker school, Bootham is, by its nature, understated and modest, so raising its profile to attract more local and UK boarders isn’t about shouting the loudest. That’s why we’re promoting excellence at Bootham by showing … not telling.

Creating engagement and excitement via digital platforms

Our multi-channel digital campaigns, across search and social, promote the ethos and essence of Bootham School. By showcasing students’ individuality, parents and carers are able to sense the emotional connection and distinctive approach to education that the school leadership is so committed to providing.

Our work generates more enquiries and personal visits, with an increase of families specifically requesting boarding information. Open days attract visitors from a much wider geographical area than many schools can expect, and these events are seeing more families signing up for a specific boarding tour.