Continuing education is important to the whole team at Wrapped. As part of our Inside Wrapped #WithMe initiative, to introduce our talented team and their individual skillsets, we asked Tom Wright our Digital Account Director to bust the myths and explain wireframes.

What is a wireframe?

It is used to map out the content and functionality of a website before you start development. It’s the skeleton you then put the meat onto. You don’t start building a house by choosing the colours of the walls. You start with the plans, the architect’s blueprints. That is essentially what a wireframe is.

Why are they important?

It pushes usability to the forefront. It is objective and not subjective. We don’t look at fonts, colours imagery, video anything like that. It’s nothing to do with artistic choices. The focus is on structure and messaging hierarchy to make sure each page has a purpose.

What is the process for creating a wireframe?

Wireframes are not created in isolation. It starts with detailed research, such as a Wrapped Discovery Session, to understand clients wants, needs and ambitions. We run various workshops including UX to understand what the audience needs in terms of functionality and what will help them convert. We collate all that information and start sketching it out on large sheets of paper. We can screw it up and throw it away several times, but once we get it right on paper then we can start digitising it, sharing it with the client and get them involved in the structure rationale and the user journey.

What do you aim to achieve with a wireframe?

We don’t want clients to get distracted by creative design. At wireframe stage we focus on structure, as this saves time in the long run and results in a more effective solution. Getting to know the client and audience better makes it easier to roll out the visual design when we get to that stage.

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