Why use LinkedIn for business in 2018?

We’re all familiar with the feeling when we post something on social media and end up feeling like we may as well be invisible. Maybe a couple of likes, but not a comment in sight, ughh. What if there was a platform where you posted something, and people not only responded but actively engaged and started conversations, leading to not only a couple, but loads of comments?

Well, on LinkedIn such things] are possible. It used to be the stuffy, formal space where it was acceptable to post a constant stream of industry-specific, dull as ditchwater and completely impersonal content which, unsurprisingly, put a lot of people off. Particularly those who weren’t firmly implanted in the B2B space.

However, something has happened to LinkedIn, perhaps since it was bought by Microsoft. It’s become much less formal and seems to have settled into its own skin, knowing what it is and how it can create a space for itself in the busy social landscape. It’s a professional network with a truly engaged audience who are eager to interact, share and have conversations.

Here are some reasons why we love LinkedIn.

Whopping levels of engagement

There’s a very different mindset on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms. Professionals are looking to connect, stay informed, and advance their careers. They are motivated and therefore much more likely to invest their time and effort in engaging with those in their network, often in the form of commenting on posts that take their interest.

This gives you a great opportunity to get to know those in your network better and make some really solid connections.

Great reach

Done right, posting on LinkedIn can get you a far higher reach than on the other platforms. In general, it’s a much less noisy space and as people are more likely to comment on posts, it encourages the algorithm to push your posts out to a wider audience. No bad thing.

It may not always be like this. More and more people are getting wise to the potential of LinkedIn and so it’s worth getting in there while you can still take advantage of such great reach

There are some great conversations happening

The people who are getting the most out of LinkedIn and have the most presence are those that are starting conversations. After all, that’s what social media is supposed to be all about, and what the platforms are encouraging us to do by rewarding us with better reach on posts when they get a lot of engagement.

Many are posing questions, asking for opinions on personal and industry-related (or not) topics. Some of these types of posts, particularly those that are designed to split the room, can get tens and sometimes hundreds of comments. While that may seem a lot to expect, especially if you’ve not been focusing so much on LinkedIn, it’s amazing how people commenting and engaging with each other on your post will spark real conversations and increase your visibility.

It’s much more fun than it used to be!

Part of LinkedIn’s ‘deformalisation’ has meant that posts have become a bit more creative and appealing, making for a brighter and more eye-catching feed.

Emojis are now totally acceptable and as more video functionality is being rolled out there’s much more of a variety of content.

People are feeling more confident to show their personality on LinkedIn and their less formal posts in their natural language are reflecting that, which we love!

So how does all this lead to actual business?

Even though you may not always be talking about your business, your products or service, or even necessarily your industry, by interacting and engaging with others you’re increasing your visibility and raising awareness of your business and what you do which in turn, in time, leads to more business.

LinkedIn is where people who are serious about looking for collaborations, looking to employ people or businesses, are hanging out. They may be on the other platforms too, but LinkedIn is a much more appropriate space for making real business connections that can lead to actual paid work.

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