Using Your Website to Get Ahead: Technical Tuesday Round-Up

‘Considering the overall User Experience (UX) is the first step to building a website that works hard to drive results.’ Tom Wright – Digital Account Director, The Wrapped Agency

User experience (UX) has been a huge buzzword in the digital world, but what actually is it? Our Digital Account Director, Tom Wright, hosted a free Technical Tuesday session at our York offices to explain, and uncover some common misconceptions around the topic.

Attendees from marketing and PR backgrounds joined us for the hour-long session and came from a variety of industries including consumer goods and service sectors. Tom gracefully assisted his predominantly non-technical audience by using entertaining analogies to communicate the fundamentals of UX, UI and Usability.

Crucially, UX is not just about making a website look good but considers any interaction a user may have with it. Heinz is a good practical example of an equivalent usage evolution, from the glass bottle to the squeezy plastic bottle.

To further demonstrate the importance of a good UX strategy, attendees were asked to write down the steps required to start their car. Most thought this process was a few steps, but when collectively writing these down, this simple everyday task actually involves over 20 steps when including all the things we do subconsciously. 

Considering this series of interactions is how you should approach your website. It’s not just a homepage or contact form, UX helps us find the best way to deliver a homepage and contact form that works for and, most importantly, engages the user. 

Investing in UX saves you money in the long term and increases ROI but unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Our UX Workshops, including research and persona work as well as mission, mindframe and methods, will provide the backbone for a successful UX strategy. To find out more please contact Tom Wright at our York office on 01904 727800 or email [email protected]

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