Celebrating Five Years as The Wrapped Agency

Thank you to all of our clients, past and present.

Wrapped turned five years old this morning, prompting many emotions: a lot of pride, even more gratitude and, perhaps most of all, a sense of relief that we can celebrate this birthday when very little in business can be taken for granted right now.

The entire Wrapped team wants to thank clients, past and present, for helping us get this far. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you. Wrapped was set up because we believed that a creative agency could do more than just turn out nice designs.

We knew that informed design is capable of producing ROI for businesses. Through the clients who put their trust in us, we have been able to prove that.

I want to say thank you to my creative and talented team, all from very different walks of life and all so very supportive of the agency, their clients and the industry at this time. Thank you very much.


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