Social media – 3 fast-fire reasons why your company should be using it

Nearly one third of the world use social media.

In fact, 2.34 billion people are using social media ‘frequently’ – daily.

That’s huge! And it means that your customers, your audiences ARE on social. So your business needs to be too. However, some still remain unconvinced – so here are 3 top reasons why your company should be using social media as a big part of your marketing strategy.

It’s fast and friendly customer service

Your customers are starting to expect service to come to them. When trains are cancelled, people take to Twitter to complain about it, or ask questions about the next available train. They want to feel like the company cares about helping them out, and expect that it will be quicker to get an answer that way than navigating through train times on a website.

How many times do you email a company and they don’t respond – or they take 2 weeks to respond? It’s now not good enough, and customers know that. They know that if they take to social media to ask their questions they will get a response quicker because their question is out there, visible to other potential customers. Your business wants to show that you care about these questions and social media is a great way of making sure your personality comes across.

What’s better is that if you do provide good customer service on social, everyone will see it. They will come back to you with more questions, you will help them again. Suddenly you are building trust, rapport with your customers – they will become more loyal. Win – win.

Gain real customer insights

Monitor your brand name and product/service keywords on social media to see what your customers are saying about you. People may not mention you by name if they are posting a picture of how much they are enjoying your product on Instagram or talking about how valuable your service is on Twitter, but if you monitor this type of content you will hear from the people buying your products exactly what they think about it. You will also get impressions of your customers on social media, gain more understanding of their behaviours and likes, this will provide insights for you which may help with product development.

In fact, use social media to outright ask your audience for their thoughts. You can run polls or post a picture of a prototype and asking for their opinions. Put yourself out there and learn from your market about what they really want. Again you are showing to your customer that you care and want to solve their problems, but you are also then designing products and services knowing there is a demand out there.

Check out your competitors

Just as you can gain insights from your customers, you can have a snoop on your competitors. Watch what they are posting about, it might include some clues about their next campaigns. It may also be a good way of hearing about industry news. Competitor analysis is so important, and social media is a brilliant way of doing it. Create private Twitter lists that you can check each day, your competitors won’t even know about it.

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