Planning for the year ahead, in 2021

The biggest challenge we face in 2021 is the unknown. How do you plan your business strategy and marketing for a year ahead, when we don’t quite have the foggiest of what the year ahead looks like?

With collaboration and supporting each other, it doesn’t need to be as doom and gloom. With this new landscape, we discover new opportunities. Perhaps being more open to making big, bold, courageous decisions.

At Wrapped, we’ve always said that to stand out and succeed you need to have courage – well this is the time to take that deep breath and make that change you’ve been thinking about for years. Customers right now are more understanding, they appreciate that we’ve all had to change our game, become agile, adapt on the fly. It means that failure right now is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. 

Agility and a dual-speed approach is key. 

Quick wins + long wins.

It’s important to not lose track of your long-term business goals and purpose, even though it’s incredibly hard right now. Ensure that you are regularly checking back in with your business strategy, reflecting on whether the activity happening right now is still contributing towards your business goals. If not, change, adapt and move on.

Whilst keeping this long-term plan in mind (long wins), in the short-term this year will be about agility (quick wins), and adapting to the changing situations quickly and with confidence. Have shorter meetings and reporting periods, alongside quicker analysis. What is happening RIGHT NOW, not in the last quarter.

It’s all about brand reputation, brand perception and brand awareness.

Just because you need to adapt, flex and evolve, doesn’t mean that your brand proposition and purpose should be forgotten. In fact, keeping these at the centre of everything that you do will make it easier for your team, customers and partners to buy into. Never forget brand awareness, and run this alongside your targeted sales approach thinking carefully about what you want to be known for.

Now more than ever, monitor and track your customers behaviour.

Without a doubt, behaviour has vastly changed in the last 9 months. More people are shopping online, using TikTok, talking honestly on forums, doing online courses and socialising online. Take time to understand the new behaviours of your customers and adapt your marketing, messaging and tone of voice to what’s going on in their worlds. Speak their language, assess their needs and be where they need you to be.

Don’t be afraid to embrace older technologies if they are more relevant now.

Who would have thought QR codes would have become so vital in 2020? Didn’t they die a death in 2010? (maybe even before that!) It’s not always about discovering new technologies and learning how to make them work, look back at what has worked well previously and configure it to be relevant for now. 

In summary, this is the year to be innovative with the toolkit you already have. Instill confidence in your team to be courageous and never be afraid of failure, see it as an opportunity for growth. 

If you need any help with your marketing, brand or content planning for 2021 – we are here to help. Working with those who are ready for change get in touch

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