Making brand connections

Did you know that on average, you have between one and three seconds to grab attention from your audience? 

When introducing your brand to your customers, you have mere seconds to impress. Slow websites, poor copy and design, confusing messaging and misaligned values can completely turn a potential customer away. 

Harness the power of brand value

77% of consumers say that they prefer to shop from brands that share the same values as they do. 

As a general rule, audiences are now far more choosy over which companies they part with their cash to. They spend more time online analysing and researching brands. People care about supporting businesses whose approaches resonate with them. Sustainability, ethics, locality, charity and longevity are at the top of consumers priorities – and they want to ensure that they are top of your priority list, too. 

Your content, social media, website and communications need to be consistent with your values and ethos, and you need to ensure that you don’t just pay lip service to these causes: employees and production need to mirror the values too, as discrepancies can have a detrimental impact. 

Gauge the change of consumer behaviour

Behaviours change when our physical and emotional needs and wants evolve. As a brand, if you want to influence that behaviour, you need to fully understand it. 

This is where traditional audience profiling tends to come in, creating demographics, mapping buying habits and observing personality traits. However, this profiling only gives you half the picture: only by digging deeper will you gather proper insights into behaviour. We need to tap into emotions and interactions to understand how people are feeling, and how we can change their perception to influence their actions. 

In 2020, 90% of consumers changed their behaviour due to the pandemic. The biggest behavioural shift of the year was moving online: pretty much everything became virtual. Pubs developed apps, events became online, shops had to develop ecommerce platforms… and fast! We took more time to enjoy the outdoors, and many more people began to care more about the environment, sustainability and supporting smaller, local businesses. 

Gather Intelligence

Looking, listening and learning is the only way to develop intelligent insights. We need to understand:

  • WHO the existing and potential audiences are;
  • WHEN they buy, browse and engage;
  • WHERE they buy, and which websites and platforms they use;
  • WHAT their needs, wants, habits and frustrations are;
  • HOW they speak, interact and use the internet; and
  • WHY they engage, buy or want something. 

To gather this information, look at different tools to create a full picture. Google trends can show what people are talking about and when, whilst social media can provide qualitative information in abundance, if you take the time to digest it. Online surveys, focus groups, reports, trackers and tools can be combined to provide the fullest picture of behaviours. It’s not a small task, but it’s a vital one. 

Interpret the insights intelligently 

Branding is a very powerful tool, when it’s used correctly. It’s not just pretty design; it’s about creating the emotion that you need in order to influence behaviour, and creating the emotional bond with your customers to build trust and loyalty. 

It’s the art of effective communication. 

How can you drive these emotions through your brand? You need to consider the messaging, terminology, photography, illustrations, colour, shapes, typography, textures and content. Everything needs to complement and be consistent with one other. 

In a nutshell, it’s about listening, digesting and continually thinking about the emotion that you want to tap into. That’s how to create change and ensure that your brand makes an impact. 

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