January’s Digital Round-up

It’s been an exciting start to the year, with plenty of changes across the digital landscape. With ‘meme hubs’, a new Twitter and even more LinkedIn updates, we’ve noted down a couple of our highlights.

Facebook embraces the power of memes

Over the last few years, Facebook’s age demographic has been slowly increasing, with the company struggling to engage and attract Generation Z.

Facebook has decided the best way to fix this potentially devastating issue is by providing Gen Z with a space of their own, which is full of content they can resonate with. They have called it ‘LOL’. The feed will display funny videos and GIFs, and is currently in a very early stage as it’s being privately tested using 100 high school students.

One of the biggest talking points around the new feature is the name. Is ‘LOL’ really the terminology used by Gen Z? Or, is it an attempt by an older generation of decision makers trying to sound ‘hip’?

How this new feed develops is anyone’s guess, but with the rise of TikTok and the already popular Instagram and Snapchat, whoever manages to win over this youngest generation will have a long-term advantage when it comes to attracting brands to advertise on the platforms.

Twitters Facelift

Twitter has started to roll out its new interface for web users which includes several updated features, such as moving the ‘Tweet’ button to the bottom of the page. The company is giving some users the ability to opt in to the new look, and at the moment it’s unclear when the rest of the platform will be given the option to see the new update for themselves.

Whilst none of these changes include the previously announced updates, it looks as though the new interface has been designed to accommodate them.

The new updates may only be the start of major changes incorporated by Twitter, as they look to continue a strong level of growth from 2018.

TikTok Time?

TikTok was downloaded over 45 million times during the first quarter of 2018 and became the most downloaded app for the entire year. The app is now immensely popular with Gen Z, and many see it as a potential successor to Vine.

For TikTok to avoid falling into the pit hole of obscurity, it must be able to attract brands. The previously mentioned Vine died as Twitter couldn’t monetise it effectively, and Snapchat has also experienced issues with how best to use their audience for advertising purposes.

Brands can currently partner with TikTok influencers for promotional posts, similar to other social media sites, and there have been instances of major brands working closely with the platform on sponsored campaigns, such as the #InMyDenim challenge with Guess.

We think it’s going to become big news for reaching younger audiences this year – so watch this space.

LinkedIn introduces Interest Targeting

LinkedIn has been updating their platform consistently for a few months now, and there’s no sign of it stopping.

The newly introduced ‘Interest Targeting’ allows advertisers to reach a wider, and more relevant audience by releasing adverts based on users’ professional interests, such as customer experience, global economy and more.

LinkedIn interest targeting looks as though it’s going to shake up the industry, as a recent study saw 42% of businesses are planning on increasing their LinkedIn advertising budgets. The platform is becoming an increasingly popular destination for B2B marketing and with its advancements in audience targeting, other social media sites will struggle to compete. The feature shows LinkedIn’s commitment to advancement when it comes to advertising on their platform. With all the changes implemented in the last 6 months, we expect them to have a successful 2019.

It’s been an eventful start to the year, and we can only imagine what else is going to happen in the following 11 months. We’re positive the digital industry will see a range of new updates.

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