Introducing Wrapped Education – a campaign close to our hearts

To create a great brand or content takes great courage. You must trust in what you and your team are saying. Don’t follow the safe path. Be bold. Be yourself.

But, to have courage, you first need the knowledge and understanding of what you are trying to achieve. How are you going to drive results? And what does success look like for your business?

At Wrapped, education is incredibly close to our hearts. We pride ourselves on being educators in our disciplines; strategists, makers and creators, instilling curiosity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our knowledge.

Design and digital are not the dark arts, and to get the best results for our clients, we develop honest relationships, ensuring that they understand the fundamentals of everything that we are doing for them.

It’s not just something that is relevant for our industry. We have worked with some incredible people who share our ethos in honesty and transparency, never hiding the ‘recipe for success’ and helping others achieve.

That’s why at Wrapped, we have Wrapped Education. We run free Technical Tuesdays that are available to all our clients and we have new Wisdom Wednesdays coming soon.

These events encourage networking, so our clients are also learning from each other. It’s an incredible buzz in the studio. They are now proving so popular, we are increasing our delivery of the events; alongside growing our education offering to include individual and group training, drop in sessions, informative podcasts and in-depth courses.

If you would like to come along to one of our Technical Tuesday events, or visit us for a chat and a coffee.

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