How well do you know your audience?

Technical Tuesdays are now running online, whilst the Wrapped team works remotely.

We want to use this format to allow more people to attend. For those who missed this week’s session — How well do you know your audience? — you can watch the workshop here. In 30 minutes, we think you may come away with some tools to take your own activity forward!

Becky, our Digital Marketing and Strategy Director, will show you how to use the following approaches to more effective online communication:

1. Understanding how Google works, so you can produce content that is seen more readily.
2. Creating a “profile” of your different target audiences: what do they do, what do they want and what makes them tick?
3. Using Google Trends to understand what topics are being more (or less) searched for right now.
4. Using Google Keyword Planner to drill down into the number of searches against specific terms, whilst also generating suggested terms.

These are actions you can take yourself, to better understand who you are trying to reach. If you have questions, just drop us a line and we will answer them.

You can also book onto our follow on session, “The need for keywords,” which we will run on June 9th.

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