How to create great blog content

It can be difficult knowing where to start with creating blog content. An empty page seems overwhelming, how can you engage your audience? How do you get seen in a busy online world?

Blogs are valuable content. They serve as brilliant social fodder and, if done well, help drive visitors to your website through search queries.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with creating your business blog.

It’s all about the plan

The most difficult part of blogging is knowing what to write about, so creating a plan provides you with a list of topics to get talking about. Spacing out your content means your blogs aren’t like buses all being posted at the same time.

Start by planning out the year. Are there any industry events or milestones that you would like to talk about? Do you have any launches or campaigns happening that should be shouted about? Plan these into a long-term plan, getting into the finer details when looking at the month ahead.

Think about the questions that your audiences are asking and answer them through your blogs. Don’t just use your content to promote yourself and sell your services – make sure you are being useful. How can you help? Always write for your customer, put them first and speak to them in their language.

The Four Rules of Thumb for engaging content

There are four principles we recommend you keep in mind when writing blog content – in fact, any content!

  • Be Relevant
  • Have Intent
  • Be Familiar
  • Be Engaging

The Importance of Being Relevant

Think about your target audiences – in fact, list them out as personas. Think about each type of customer when you are planning and writing your content; are you writing to every persona, or do you keep focusing on a just one? How should you write slightly differently to each persona? In your plan, detail which persona your blog will be tailored for, so you can picture them whilst you are writing. This helps your writing become more conversational as well as being relevant for the audience you are trying to reach.

What is Your Intent?

Your content always needs to have intent. Think about what the purpose of the post is before you open the Word Document and start writing. Are you trying to educate your customer? Instruct them on how to use something? Give them your opinion about a news item, encourage thought around a topic, or inspire them? Make sure you keep that blogs aim in mind whilst writing to keep it on track. Add calls to action to help them along their journey.

Something Familiar?

It’s good to have a clear tone of voice when you are writing as your brand, it helps you sound consistent, striking a note of recognition with your audience. Keep that same tone of voice across all your marketing channels so that your brand is always the same, no matter which route your customer comes through. Think about the great brands like Innocent – they always have the same tone of voice, so if you didn’t see their logo and name, you would still recognise who had written that content.

How to be Engaging

Your blog content needs to work hard to be engaging, to keep people reading – to make them want MORE. Make sure to ask questions, make your readers stop and think. Use subtitles to break up your text so it doesn’t look too long and like a chore to read. Keep the language short, chatty in blogs as though you are talking directly to your reader.

Importantly, always make sure your content has a personality. Never be boring.

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