How Amazons temporary stock buying policies could affect the search engines and customer demand

3 days ago Amazon announced that it’s warehouses in the UK and the USA will accept essential supplies only.

The move comes as Amazon wants to make sure it can meet the demand of the essential items (toilet roll, medical supplies, baby formula etc.) for those social distancing and in social isolation.

According to Reuters ‘The change does not mean Amazon will stop selling non-essential items like phone cases and toys for now, only that products may be more likely to run out of stock in the next few weeks or that sellers have to ship directly to consumers. ‘

So what does this mean for sellers online?

If what you sell online is a ‘non-essential item’ and Amazon is your normal competitor you may see that when their stock runs out you don’t have them as a competitor.

You have an opportunity to either sell through amazon as a product listing – meaning directly to the customer, Or for those really wanting to take the opportunity you can use Google shopping or Google PPC to quickly appear in the search engines where Amazon once dominated.

If either of these apply to you or you would like us to see if people are still searching for your product and how to get this infront of people online quickly give us a call.

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