Hot Tips for 2020. Part 2.

With so much talent under one roof we decided to ask our in-house Wrapped experts what their marketing top tips are for this year. Here is part 2 of the series.


Tom Wright – Digital Account Director

Website traffic served to mobile and tablet devices has steadily increased. Responsive design is now a must-have. Google has released mobile-first indexing, meaning that Google will start by looking at your mobile website, which will then impact the ranking of the desktop website. As developers, we need to be building websites with a mobile first approach.


Amanda Holmes – Creative Designer

Design never stands still and something new always pops up. This year, design is becoming even more experimental and pushing the boundaries further. I’m seeing depth and layers through a clever use of mixed media like typography, vectors, illustrations, photography, metallics and more; something Wrapped has been doing for a while now!


Anna Greenwood – Creative Copywriting and Content

I am just going to put one phrase out there and that is ‘unboring the future’. If you haven’t seen the Peugout 208 TV advert released at the end of last year then take a look. Much discussed on social media, it will undoubtably set a 2020 trend for brands making words up. A much-discussed piece of work amongst the copywriting profession, it seems as long as it ties back into your brand values, objectives and ambitions then anything goes!

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