Hot Tips for 2020. Part 1.

With so much talent under one roof we decided to ask our in-house Wrapped experts what their marketing top tips are for this year.


Laura Sanderson – Creative Designer

People’s lives are hectic, crowded by endless advertising and marketing through digital platforms, especially as our use of social media and digital platforms grows – people want simplicity and ease. Expect to see a lot of paired back design, simple two-colour designs with a focus on typography.


Tom Wright – Digital Account Director

In 2016 a Microsoft consumer study claimed that the human attention span is 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. This indicates that our minds have evolved and adapted to process faster flowing digital information. We could see motion and animation utilised more in UI to help grab a user’s shortened attention span and engage.


Solveig Helga – Brand Strategy & Insights

Personalisation in advertising will be more important than ever before. We are not just talking about personalisation as we know it, i.e. through demographically targeted ads, but a step further than that. People have become used to and expect personalised ads across platforms. Not just on social media but on search engines, display advertising, on TV, even radio. People will block out all the noise and only engage with adverts which outline clearly, directly, concisely and within a few seconds – ‘What’s in it for me?’


Becky Matheson-Bruce – Digital Marketing & Strategy Director

There is huge opportunity for businesses to achieve position zero (also known as a featured snippet) in the search engines. Presenting factual information can result in Google promoting you above position one organically. Make sure your keyword research is based around people looking for answers.

…of course, you can have too much of a good thing. Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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