Have you had a bad experience?

There’s been something on my mind for a while. Have you ever had your fingers burned while working with a digital agency? From what we have experienced, it’s likely that you have – and it’s something that I feel that I’d like to talk about.

With most of the new clients that I meet (in fact, about 75% of the time), I find that I have to pick up the pieces after they have had a poor experience, spent good money (in some cases – lots of money!) on websites, PPC campaigns etc and got absolutely no results from it at all. It’s really sad for me to hear, and it’s obviously devastating for them!

Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s occasionally damaged their business, as campaigns that are run without the proper initial research or strategy can ruin credibility and damage your brand perception. Messages get lost, and it can distract from what you’re really trying to get across to your audiences.

Your digital presence must work hard, and if your site isn’t performing you lose clients; it’s as simple as that. Even something as simple as the misuse of hashtags on social media sites can have a negative effect.  The digital industry has many outdated ideas, irrelevant messages, and incorrect use of the digital marketing mix, which is not constantly evaluating, learning and adapting.

If all of these elements are carried out at the right time, using the right methods – it will work. It really is that simple.

At Wrapped, the whole team work so closely with our clients, guiding them, transparently showing them what we do, how we do it and why it’s done that way. Education is a huge value of ours, it’s exactly why we run our technical drop-in sessions and technical Tuesdays, workshops and training. Digital is not a dark art. It just takes a bit of time, effort and passion. Passion to continue learning, keeping on top of everything that’s changing. You can’t be two steps behind, and you certainly can’t expect someone to pay you good hard-earned money for being two steps behind.

We have so many free events throughout the year, and I suggest to everybody, come along and meet our team. If you like what you see, gives us a call and see how we can help you.

Kate (MD of Wrapped Agency)

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