What is a digital audit and what’s included?

Let me ask you some questions. Do you know where your audiences are online? What type of content do they respond to? How do they search online? What is your position in the market? What are your competitors doing out there that is bringing them results?

To be certain that you are delivering the best marketing strategy possible, you need to know the answers to all of these questions. We have found that so many businesses out there are assuming that they know their audiences. They speak a language of acronyms and jargon that their customers don’t understand and would never in a million years type into Google. That is where a digital audit becomes invaluable, it’s an investment into understanding how to reach the right people, with the right messages, in the correct format.

If this sounds like a bold statement – it is. We know that without starting a project with a solid baseline of facts, you can’t measure it’s success. We base everything that we do on evidence, taking the time to digest your industry and services, before we start writing content or designing a website.

So, what’s involved in a digital audit?

Audits at Wrapped can include the following:

  • Search engine performance – are you being found in Google, where are you ranking in comparison to others for your priority search terms?
  • Keywords – What terminology are your audiences using when they are researching online? We need to speak their language to build trust and be found.
  • Social media – An analysis into the platforms that your audiences are on, which your competitors are using and information on how much engagement they are getting.
  • Content – what type of content do your customers like to read? Do they watch videos, read blogs, download guides or want great quality imagery?
  • Website performance – we scour your website, finding the best bits that are boosting your performance and converting sales, and highlighting the areas that are letting you down. Where are your audiences dropping off? Are there problems with your site that are stopping it from being found in the first place?
  • Paid advertising – are your competitors using paid advertising to reach larger audiences? What type of investment are they making into Google Ads, Bing or social PPC?

These audits are very detailed and give us a brilliant basis to start a strategy. However, we would also recommend that you run regular audits yourselves once a year, to see how your audience behaviours are changing. You can use tools like Google Trends to see how search fluctuates across the years. Here, we see for example, that online searches for vegan cheese have really shot up in the last two years!

Regularly check in with your website to see what content is getting the best results and learn from that! If there is one blog about tree frogs which is being found time and time again on search, driving converting traffic to your website even though it’s 4 years old – update it, apparently people really want to know about tree frogs!

So, here it is. 5 quick-fire reasons to invest time and resource into a digital audit.

  1. It helps you to make the most of your existing website. What works, what doesn’t? A website should always be evolving, gathering data to help you with your marketing and content strategy.
  2. It saves you money. Stop running Google Ads for terms that the wrong audiences are using, learn what content drives engagement and stop people dropping off your website at weak spots, losing the sale.
  3. Find out who your online competitors are. It might surprise you, and you always need to be aware of who you are competing against online and how they might be outperforming you. (learn from them!)
  4. It helps demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI). Where are you now? An audit shows you exactly where you are at, giving you a great baseline for future campaigns and activity to be measured against.
  5. It works. Facts are facts, and it’s so important that you know where you stand.

A digital audit allows you to see how well your business or brand is doing online. As well as defining the amount of potential customers you are missing out on, it provides a data driven benchmark for your future digital marketing strategy. Looking at SEO, PPC and Social media as well as your website from Google’s point of view.

Audits form part of the vital first steps of our ‘Digitally Wrapped‘ model – find out the other stages involved.

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