Why brand consistency is your secret weapon when it comes to getting noticed: Part 1

Part 1: Why?


Fun fact for you: your audience is so bombarded with information, you’ve only got 1-3 seconds to grab their attention with your message. 

Fancy a few more slightly terrifying brand-related stats? Try these for size:

  • On average, a customer needs to see a brand 17 times before they can recall it
  • It takes 0.05 seconds for a consumer to form an opinion of a brand, based on the website alone
  • 77% of consumers say they prefer to shop from brands that share their values.

Publishing titan Steve Forbes once said: “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” And as the third generation of Forbes in charge of the international business magazine that bears their name, he should know a thing or two about it.

Getting down with brand consistency

It’s a well-quoted fact that consistent brand representation, across all communication platforms, can increase revenue by up to 33%.

A third more revenue sounds great, right? But what’s the thinking behind it? Well, keeping your messaging and branding consistent across everything you do:

  • Makes your brand more easily recognisable
  • Introduces identity
  • Helps people to recall your brand
  • Creates a consistent experience
  • Increases credibility and trust
  • Connects on an emotional level
  • Builds loyalty
  • Creates brand equity.

Everything’s a platform

Convinced? That’s great. But when we say stay consistent everywhere, we really do mean everywhere. Take a long, hard look at absolutely every touchpoint someone might have with your brand, and ask yourself if it’s exactly how you want your brand to be seen. 

Here’s a handy ticklist to help you identify those touchpoints:

  • Website 
  • Phone conversations
  • In store
  • Landing pages
  • Social media 
  • Paid social ads
  • Print ads
  • Events
  • PPC
  • Blogs
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Packaging
  • Label descriptions
  • Billboard ads
  • Signage 
  • Emails
  • Marketing materials
  • Staff uniform
  • Webinars

Remember! Your brand is way more than your logo

But when you’re working through your ticklist, checking that your logo and colours look nice, it’s really important you don’t neglect all the other things that make up your brand. We’re talking design, sound, language, tone and call to action. It’s about living and breathing a brand consistently, right through the customer journey.

To prove it, have a crack at naming these brands without seeing their logos (answers in part 2):

  1. We get our hands on the tastiest fruit and veg we can find, stick it in a bottle and never add any nonsense like sugar or concentrates.
  2. Simple and affordable ideas that can make a difference in your everyday life.
  3. The beers our die-hard beer geek fans come back to time and time again.

Guardian of your brand galaxy

As Gareth Turner, Head of Brand at Weetabix, told Marketing Week in June 2021, “Everything we do has to be true to what the brand stands for. It has to be consistent with the brand equity, consistent with our brand tone of voice, and must build on the great work that many people before me have done.” 

We’re not all guardians of a long-standing brand like Weetabix but every one of us wants our brand to clock up longevity.

In part 2, we’ll get stuck into the nitty gritty. We’ll look at how to establish that tone of voice and build a brand consistency that works across your platforms.

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