Are you playing in the right playground? A guide to reaching your target audiences online

Are you reaching your target audiences effectively online? Perhaps you’re confused by what social platform(s) to use or how to craft the most compelling messages. Or, worse still, perhaps you feel certain that your audiences are on the mix of channels and platforms that you’re most comfortable with.

Spoiler alert: they often aren’t! It’s all about what they want, rather than what you want.

In our three step guide, we’ll show you how to select the best platforms and understand your audiences to nail your messaging. Allowing you to reach your audiences successfully – and more importantly, grab their attention to drive the action you want.

Step 1 – Get to know the platforms

Your first step is to really understand the platforms you’re working with. Here’s what we’ve learned after years of running successful social campaigns …

LinkedIn – super sophisticated targeting capabilities

  • Over 830 million users worldwide
  • 96% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content
  • Target by gender, location, sector and job title down to specific organisations and user behaviours

Best for:

  • Highly targeted campaigns
  • Minimal media spend wastage
  • Reaching audiences in specific positions

X – achieve mass brand awareness fast, for minimal budget

  • 540 million users worldwide
  • X posts get over 100 billion impressions every day
  • Target users based on lookalike audiences, keywords and hashtags

Best for:

  • Low budget campaigns
  • Mass reach
  • Driving brand awareness

Meta – the all rounder

  • 3 billion users worldwide with the most diverse user base
  • Build lookalike audiences from visitors to your website
  • Micro-target your exact audience

Best for:

  • Reaching new audiences
  • Driving engagement with video ads
  • Low budget website remarketing


Step 2 – Really understand your audience

Ok, so you know your platforms inside and out. Now it’s time to get to know your audiences on a deeper level. Don’t fall into the trap of broadcasting from your channels and platforms without knowing who you’re talking to.

The next step will turn your brand communications into more of a dialogue than a narrative that’s stuck on ‘send.’ Start by documenting all of your audiences, then whittle your list down to the key target audiences you really want to reach. Ask yourself:

  • What motivates them?
  • What barriers are they up against?
  • Where do they get their information?
  • Who influences them?
  • What are their needs, wants and motivations?
  • What other specifics do I know about their behaviour?

This way, you’ll be clear on what you’re trying to communicate to them.

Step 3 – Nail your messaging

When writing captions, ad copy and any other content make sure
your writing is:

  • Concise
  • Appealing
  • Direct
  • Relevant to your audience’s needs, wants and motivations

And, make sure you tell them exactly what you want them to do e.g., click through to your website to read more, call you for information, book an appointment etc.

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