An Introduction to Paid Digital Marketing: Technical Tuesday Round-Up – 3 March 2020

‘There are multiple platforms and campaign types that can be employed within digital marketing. This session was designed to help attendees understand and identify the right ones in order to reach a specific target audience and meet business objectives.’ Martin Jackson – Research and Insights, The Wrapped Agency

To kick off 2020, the Wrapped Research and Insights team hosted a free Technical Tuesday session at our York offices to explain why paid digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses. The hour-long, beginner level workshop was designed for those looking to gain a basic understanding of paid online advertising, where 65,000 search queries are processed by Google on average every second equating to over 3.2 billion searches every day. We interrogated the different types of social media and Google advertising available, including pay per click, remarketing and display advertising, and how to choose a platform that works best for your business.

Look out for future sessions where we will interrogate how to effectively use digital marketing as a key part of a wider strategy.

To find out more please contact Henry McGregor at our York office on 01904 727800 or email [email protected]

Next session:

March 2020. Wrapped Education.

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