A new LinkedIn – Company Pages change to LinkedIn Pages

This week, you may have spotted a few differences whilst you are browsing on your LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn have been reviewing the way that company pages work to streamline management for Page Admins, increase employee engagement and grow audiences.

Sharing Content on the go

Creating and sharing content from your LinkedIn page just got much, much easier. The first change you may spot is ‘Suggested content’ which appears at the top of your page – using this functionality you can filter the industry and topic that you are interested in and it will provide you with a list of recent articles from your interest area. From that list you can directly share the content from your page. This is great for ensuring you aren’t just talking about yourself and are instead showing that you are keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Page Admins can now access their company pages through their LinkedIn mobile app, posting new content and even commenting and sharing as your company. This is brilliant news for all Page Admins who were so used to having to defect to desktop to be able to share an update.

Increasing Employee Engagement

This new option will enable company Page Admins to share new content with employees to help build engagement; it forms part of a new suite of tools to help increase employee sharing on LinkedIn.

Page Admins will also now be able to discover and reshare content posted by employees, or by anyone mentioning the company in the post. Again, this means that company pages can finally be shown to have a personality, having real conversations and commenting as a brand rather than sticking to updates.

Optimised calls to action

Another big change for LinkedIn is how they are enhancing their calls to action. These can be spotted at the top of company pages in the form of a button driving people either to contact, visit a website or view jobs. You can also see more eye-catching calls to action on native ads.

Alongside the enhanced calls to action, we now have a new tagline functionality below our industry information on the Company Page, allowing 200 characters of information about the company to be added. This can be used to pull out the key messages that you want to showcase using the call to action to compliment it.

It’s a positive change, and one we are welcoming with open arms – LinkedIn is finally becoming more user-friendly for Page Admins who aren’t sat at a desk. Any opportunity to give your brand more personality is not a bad thing! LinkedIn has also recently updated their ad platform to become more objective focused – learn more about those changes too.

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