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Everything you need from a content marketing agency - and more!

A content marketing agency can deliver it where they’ll see it, so you can connect your business with their brains. Words are power. Insights give us the facts: who your audiences are, how they behave, what they care about, what they do. Creative comms gives us the messaging: articles, guides, videos, explainers, infographics, podcasts, books, white papers and reports that they want.

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Our comms services

Content is king – and creating a strategy packed with useful, entertaining or inspiring content rules them all when it comes to marketing. And it’s cost-effective too. We’ll help you align your business goals with audience behaviour insights to create an approach that will engage and create loyalty.

Engaging words, in the right tone of voice for your audience. Saying what you do but not so salesy that it’s off-putting. Google-friendly, but without sounding like you just vomited an SEO keyword list. Enough words to engage – but broken up and adapted for easy reading on screen. There’s a fine art to writing web copy – and these are just the headline pro tips.

Sometimes pun-tastic, sometimes humorous, sometimes hard-hitting. Always short, sharp and incisive. We write ad copy that hits the sweet spot between getting the messaging right and making it memorable. Happy to work across long-term campaigns, we liaise closely with our creative and digital teams to hit the best note.

Our editorial team includes experienced journalists who understand libel law and the news angles that will get you noticed. They can spot a story at a thousand paces – and tell it too, in a compelling style, with not a flourish of fluff in sight. If you’re looking for something original, ground-breaking or want to be a thought leader, you need a trained journalist.

Show don’t tell is the marketing mantra – and nothing does that more effectively than a case study. We’ll help you unravel the real stories and benefits behind the work you’ve done – and re-tell them in a way that resonates with potential clients and customers.

Feel you deserve a gong for your good work? We’ve been on the judging panels of these things, so we know exactly what gets judges’ hearts fluttering. Of course, winning awards isn’t really about patting yourselves on the back or resting on your laurels – it’s about proving that you’re particularly proficient at what you do. And that drives sales.

We don’t put a false barrier between internal and external comms. To us, they’re all part of the same story: the story of your organisation. Your brand messaging needs to be the same on everything. Whether it’s a job ad or top down comms, we’ll streamline even the dullest HR documents into easily accessible assets that reflect your values and help your employees feel part of the team.

Whether you need to interview clients, leads or customers, there’s an art to teasing out the answers you need. Our writers are trained in pinpointing the questions that will get the conversation going, delving deep and revealing truths and opportunities you may not even have thought of.

The way you communicate is all about your audiences. Your tone of voice should be appropriate, consistent – and almost imperceptible. In other words, whether you’re funny, professional, luxe, useful, friendly, geeky or even angry, the words you use should fit your brand so perfectly, it just feels right.

We’ll define the right tone, create a useful and comprehensive guide and even train your team in how to nail it every time.

Great articles are marketing gold. And a great content creation agency can use them to boost SEO, attract new audiences, build engagement and cement loyalty. And with many needing little more than the occasional tweak to keep them relevant, they’re budget-bustingly good value too. They give you a solid reason to post on social media and can support your sales team with useful resources to sway prospects.

A brain-buzzing blend of comms and branding goes into choosing the best name for your business. It needs to be original, memorable, appealing to your audiences, with plenty of room to grow in scope, scale and geography. Too often, naming’s either decided hastily on the back of a fag packet – or chewed over for hours, blocking you from getting on with anything else. We’re here to help.

Video and motion graphics are thundering up the engagement charts right now. To get them right, you need to tell a story – and that takes experience. Our writers work closely with our creative team and our video partners to shape the ideas and messages you want to get across.

Perhaps surprisingly, longer-form writing gets more engagement than shorter articles. With published authors in the team, we’re experienced at writing, sub-editing or proofing anything from a small brochure to a full-blown book.

We’ll tackle tone of voice, consistency, structure and advise you on angles and highlights, as well as pulling out recommendations or key points from your research or draft text.

Email is still the most effective way of keeping in touch. Our enews products have high open rates and great click-throughs. If you’re struggling to know what to say to your audiences, it may be because you haven’t defined your purpose. We’ll help you to do this and give you a reason to reach out to your mailing list, or help you with what to say to recipients of a bought list.

If you’ve got a report, a campaign or insights that your audiences aren’t engaging with, we can help. We’ll transform, for example, your sustainability programme into a tangible set of goals that your employees and customers can get excited about. Or we’ll turn instructions, explainers and directions into clear copy that gets the actions you need. We specialise in hard-to-reach audiences, communicating with people who have different levels of literacy so that no-one misses out.

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