Brand, digital and communications strategy - the blueprint for growth

The stage that everything else flows from, Define is the steel that supports the structure; the heft that makes up the bulk of the iceberg and the bone structure that creates the beauty.

Skip or scrimp here and you’re on a hiding to nothing. If you’ve already done this elsewhere, that’s great – we’ll work with that. But if not, you’re spending time and money peppering the universe with random messages, in the hope that something will land.

As a brand strategy agency, we’ll work with you to understand how your business works, what your culture is like, where you want to be and when you want to get there.

We’ll help you identify what you really, truly believe in, what unites your organisation and what you offer to your customers.

We’ll research your place in the market, listen to what your audiences are thinking and doing, and analyse what’s already working and what could improve.

The outcomes include a goal-setting brand strategy and a brand bible; your go-to foundation for everything, detailing where you’re going and why you’re going there.

As a digital strategy agency, you’ll come away from these sessions with a bespoke blueprint detailing the messages your audiences need to hear, on the platforms they use – meaning you can take the conversation to them.

But more than that, you’ll get a calming yet invigorating sense of clarity that will help you to power ahead without distraction.

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Without solid foundations, you'll have trouble creating anything of value

Does your brand strategy agency deliver all this?

The chemistry – and the physics. Are we a good fit for you – and vice versa? And do we have the skills needed to support your unique challenges?

If we like each other, we think we can make a difference and you’re interested in what we can offer, we’ll put together a more detailed proposal and take it from there.

From barriers to breakthroughs: this is where the real work gets done.

Our brand workshops and digital workshops are designed to challenge assumptions, create unity and generate everything needed for your brand and digital strategies.

Getting the business ready for change and understanding your goals. Not everyone needs consultancy but if you do, we’ve got bags of experience.

From advice on culture, leadership and how brand and comms can ignite your organisation, we’ll share what we’ve learned.

The point of a strategy is to solve a problem.

And the first step is working out what the problem is. Leaders and business owners can’t see the wood for the trees – but we’ve got the distance to take a fresh look. We’ll help you identify the size of the opportunity (spoiler: this can be very exciting) and map out how you can win a bigger slice of that pie.

Our robust insight and research foundation means we’ll create a strategy based on what your audiences actually do, need and think. 

Together, we’ll get under the skin of your audiences, understanding their behaviours, motivations and pain points – and working out how you can genuinely add value. 

We’ll look at your digital landscape, your place in the market and the products, services, values and personality that make your organisation unique.

In our workshops, you’ll roll up your sleeves, tuck into the posh biscuits and investigate your long-term vision, brand architecture, value proposition, brand placement, brand values/promise and more.

Marketing is all about communication – but not all communication is about marketing. Whether you’re selling something through genuine engagement, or simply need to talk to an internal or external audience, we can help.

Our insights – through research, social listening, focus groups or electronic surveys – give us detailed data on your audiences’ needs, wants, pain points and motivators. We’ll discover where they are and what they care about, so we can talk to them in the right way and the right place about the things that matter.