Five ways to use print to add value to your marketing

Posted by admin on October 26, 2015

Print isn’t dead. It’s just that times are changing. With brands now working as publishers it’s essential that your printed material reflects the ethos behind your business. Whether it’s a message of quality, premium, fun, playful, corporate or reassuring that you want to convey to your customers, your printed materials can help portray these to your customer. We buy in bulk for numerous clients and across multiple sectors, so we know who will do the best job for the best possible price.
Here are five ways using a print specialist can add value to your brand:

  1. We work with carefully tried and tested suppliers who tend to specialise in one type of printing. This means your job will come in on time, at a good price and at the highest quality.
  2. We don’t have expensive equipment, only sourcing from our trusted print suppliers as and when needed, with each job bespoke for the client’s brief, so we can keep our overheads relatively low.
  3. We can guarantee you more access to specialised, innovative materials that will help you sell your products and services. If you go direct to a printer they generally try to use their own machines as far as possible, not necessarily guaranteeing the best job for you.
  4. We can help you get ahead of the competition. Often we find the newest, first to market products for our clients, using our network and contacts we can source interesting and unique types of packaging and print.

Simon Rose is a co-founder at Wrapped and creates high quality products without the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.

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